Award Winning Artist, Roz Miller, Now Featured at SIMEDHealth


Roz Miller’s artwork has been described as a visual symphony. Look twice and you’ll see new details pop out that you wouldn’t catch at first glance. 

Now featured on the second floor of our Gainesville 4343 location, Miller’s artwork keeps the viewer’s eyes continually travelling across the canvas. Although she's a live long Gainesville resident, she has studied design in Florida, New York City and Oregon alongside nationally recognized workshop instructors. Her painting syle has been described by many as “passion on a brush.”

She welcomes the challenge of converting blank canvas into a dynamic painting by juxta-positioning different textures, colors and shapes. Specializing in harmonizing her art with surrounding décor, Miller creates commissioned works to fit any space or color scheme for offices and homes.

Stop by the second floor at our Gainesville location to check out her work and the rest of the new Gainesville Fine Arts Association gallery, covering 3 floors of art.

New GFAA Gallery and featured Artist: Peter Senesac

Peter Senesac’s painting style lives somewhere between impressionism and abstract. Towing the line between what appears in the natural world and what appears in a dream.

Just below his paintings lining the lobby walls reads his artist statement:

“Painting, for me, is a chance to explore alternate views of reality. My intention is not to paint a particular place but to create a mood, to encourage the viewer to daydream, to remember, to invent a story.”

Senesac often paints on location or based on sketches of natural scenes. From there he veers off to different color schemes or abstract points of view. His subjects range from the horizon of a sunny beach scene to, hay bales in a Florida prairie to shapes and colors you might see in a forest. Senesac likes for the light to tell the story behind his work.

To create different styles, Senesac uses acrylics, oils and watercolors. Sometimes applied to canvas, paper or wooden panels, with palette knives, brushes or his bare hands, each painting is finished with a protective varnish.  

Senesac is not only a painter, but is a self-taught blacksmith and has been making and selling jewelry in Gainesville for over 20 years.

Stop by the SIMEDHealth lobby at our Gainesville location to check out his work and the rest of the new Gainesville Fine Arts Association gallery, with 145 artworks by 32 Gainesville Fine Arts Association members. This gallery also highlights the works of Roz Miller, now through October 26th. 

Versatile Painter, Helen Rucarean, Featured in SIMEDHealth's Lobby

Helen Rucarean's "Selfie"

Helen Rucarean seems sure of herself. Her stern gaze is fixed to the horizon while an “H” necklace dangles from her neck. Of course, this isn’t actually her but a playfully painted self-portrait she affectionately named ‘Selfie’ hanging in the lobby of SIMEDHealth’s 4343 location in Gainesville, FL.

Helen loves a challenge. This is evident in the lobby’s gallery. Beside her self-portrait is an abstract painting with splotches of green, blue and membrane-like yellow lines named “map.” Above these paintings in sharp contrast is a dark-colored still life painting with a bowl of fruit on a table named ‘A painting within a painting.”  What draws her paintings together? She signs them with a heart filled with dots most likely pressed by the dull end of her brush.

She paints all that excites her vibrantly and playfully going being between subjects such as live models, still life comparisons and landscapes. She has developed this style of acrylic painting after working with other forms such as oil, watercolor, designing jewelry, and painting on silk. 

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Helen began sketching in pencil as a young child and it has stayed with her to this day. As a student in the 1970s, she joined the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association. It’s no surprise that when the opportunity to join the Gainesville Fine Arts Association presented itself in 2003, she did not shy away.

Shortly after joining, Helen became a GFAA board member in 2005 and has been an ambassador since 2014. Her collection of work can be found in the lobby of the SIMEDHealth Gainesville 4343 location.

Joyce Hinkle Brings the Great Outdoors to SIMEDHealth’s Lobby

Originally from Missouri, Joyce Hinkle moved down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in 1973. This meant she was able to spend a lot of time at the beach taking in the sandy, palm-filled landscapes.

Hinkle likes to draw her inspiration from nature and from pictures she takes during her travels. So far she’s been to the Bahamas, St Croix, Mexico, Canada, France, Corsica, Italy, and most of the United States. Each time she returns to pour her inspiration into her artwork.

“I’m not going to give up until I've seen it all. This summer I will be going to England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Spain. I plan to take many photos for inspiration to paint,” Hinkle said

Her interest in oil painting started in high school. Although she has taken a few classes over the years, she is mostly self-taught. Hinkle enjoys painting still life, pet portraits, and plein air (outdoor) painting. She is currently experimenting with pastels, acrylics, and watercolors.

“I love the great outdoors. There are so many intriguing colors and shapes in nature -- so much beauty to behold. My goal as a painter is to duplicate the beauty of nature to the best of my ability,” Hinkle said.

Now that she has settled in Williston, Florida, she enjoys being a part of the Gainesville art community.

“The Gainesville area is a great place to be involved with the arts. There are so many wonderful artists in this area and so many great locations to show our work (like SIMEDHealth),” she said.

Stop by the SIMEDHealth (Gainesville 4343) lobby to see more of her work.

GFAA Arranges New Gallery and Features New Artist, Linda Leherman

When you stop into the SIMEDHealth 4343 building, light shines through the stained glass artwork hanging in the windows. You’ll notice frames of all shapes; sizes and colors line the staircase.

A painting of a dancer watching a performance from the wings of a theater is featured on the largest frame. A watercolor painting of a set of mason jars hangs beside it, followed by a painting of Sandhill cranes flying over a marsh at sunset.

In the midst of the newest arrangement of GFAA artwork, you’ll find the work of featured artist Linda Leherman.

Linda grew up in the picturesque Canadian providence of Nova Scotia. She was introduced to art at a young age by her mother, who was also an artist. Here she studied art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Later, she moved to New York with her husband where she received her master’s degree in education and taught elementary school children.

She has been in Gainesville since 2009 and has enjoyed returning to her artistic roots. To this day, Linda says that the colorful and dramatic Nova Scotia landscape of her childhood inspires her work. It’s hard not to see this inspiration when viewing her impressionist-style paintings with bright bursts of pastels.

The entire GFAA and SIMEDHealth gallery changes every 3 months and a new artist is featured every month. This new art exhibit, courtesy of the GFAA, features multiple styles of paintings, photography, and sculpture. The GFAA and SIMEDHealth have been in partnership since 2005 to create a positive, uplifting visual experience for SIMEDHealth’s patients, employees, and visitors.       

SIMED Featured GFAA Artist of March: Barabra Lacy

Barbara Lacy, a Gainesville Fine Arts Association artist, stands in front of her acrylic artwork.

Each month, SIMED recognizes one of the Gainesville Fine Art Association artists featured in the SIMED central hub (4343 W Newberry Road) as the Artist of the Month. Artist of the Month (March 2018): Barbara Lacy

Lacy grew up watching her father create oil paintings.

After her father graduated from the Chicago Art Institute in 1928, he worked with a group of commercial artists on the Land O’ Lakes Butter campaign and later on Helen Curtis products.

 “I have fond memories of him painting at home while I asked him endless questions about his work,” Lacy said, “He patiently listened and answered me while painting, occasionally asking for some silence.”

Although Lacy comes from an artistic family, she wasn’t always a painter. After marrying her husband in 1980, his work as a congressional aide with Teleflex Inc. took Lacy’s family to multiple cities including Little Rock, Arkansas, Washington, D.C., Oceans Springs, Mississippi, Houston, Texas and a few others.

In her professional life, she has been the Vice President of Baltimore Public Relations Firm, taught elementary school and worked as an employment services office. She and her family settled down in Gainesville in 1990.

“As a young girl, watching my father paint and create for hours inspired me to pick up a brush after my children were in high school. Finally having a bit of time to explore art, I began painting landscapes and large floral pieces,” she said.

Lacy is a self-taught artist and has experimented with oil paints, watercolor and now paints with acrylic. Her two passions are animal activism and painting. She volunteers for local animal welfare organizations and regularly displays her paintings at shows across Gainesville. Although she has moved around quite a bit, she stays true to her hometown of Green Bay, WI, by remaining a lifetime member of the Green Bay Packers Fan Club.

However most importantly, says Lacy, she is a loving mother to her daughter, Julie, and her son, Bill, who enjoys drawing for fun.

Today, Lacy’s home studio is filled with floral paintings in progress as she works to create more art for the residents of North Central Florida, GFAA, and the patients of SIMED. 

SIMED Featured GFAA Artist of February: Barbara Wakefield

Barbara Wakefield, a Gainesville Fine Arts Association artist, sits behind her stained glass art.

Each month, SIMED recognizes one of the Gainesville Fine Art Association artists featured in the SIMED central hub (4343 W Newberry Road) as the Artist of the Month.

Artist of the Month (February 2018): Barbara Wakefield

Barbara Wakefield, stained glass artist, made her way from the cold of Wisconsin to the warmth of South Florida in 1968 where she flew high as an aerobatic flight instructor of open cockpit planes. She built a single seat Pitts special and earned a mechanic’s license. She then flew the open cockpit planes up and down the east coast of the United States before discovering pottery one night when she agreed to attend a night school pottery class with her persistent friend. Surprised by the feel of her hands in wet clay, Barbara threw herself into ‘throwing’ clay onto a wheel and became proficient in shaping clay vessels of various shapes and sizes. She grew to love color as she worked on glazing the clay pieces.

After years of successful festivals all over South Florida that involved Barbara hauling the heavy clay product around the state, Barbara transferred her love for rich colors from pottery to colorful stained-glass art. Seeing the light illuminate the rich colors captured her imagination and creative spirit.

Soon after arriving in North Central Florida in 1990, Wakefield completed a week-long private comprehensive workshop with an established area stained glass artist, Frank James. With an open mind for learning about stained glass, she absorbed all that he taught.

Wakefield translates interesting shapes from her natural surroundings into her appealing colorful glass art designs. Today her work is half and half – half her own designs and half available designs. The resulting pieces are colorful, attention grabbing glassworks. The way the natural light floats through her beautifully crafted glass pieces is a pleasure for the viewer.

Barbara mastered her craft, and she is still flying high on the enthusiasm of having her work in area group art shows and in the Gainesville Fine Arts Gallery on South Main Street where her pieces attract attention and positive comments. Her works continue to find new homes where they give their collectors daily pleasure and enjoyment.

To view Barbara Wakefield's art and the art of others in the GFAA, visit SIMED's Gainesville location today where you can see Li's art featured prominently in the front atrium during the month of January 2018. 

SIMED Featured GFAA Artist of January: Xiao Li

SIMED GFAA Featured Artist of the Month January 2018 Xiao li

Each month, SIMED recognizes one of the Gainesville Fine Art Association artists featured in the SIMED central hub (4343 W Newberry Road) as the Artist of the Month.

Artist of the Month (January 2018): Xiao Li

             My name is Xiao Li. I have a background in molecular biology, but my love for art can be traced back to my teenage years in China when my middle school classmates and I were all sent to the countryside (the coldest part of China) to be “re-educated by the peasants”.  Life there was hard, but what a beautiful place. It was like an oil painting coming out of the canvas of the Russian Masters. It was there that I started to learn to paint.  After long hours working on the fields, my closest friends and I would huddle over the smoking oil lamp and learn the basics of painting from a torn book. I still have some of my paintings from then.

            Those were hard times. Those were happy times.  Eight years from when I arrived in the countryside, the authorities realized they had made a mistake and brought millions of us back to the city. After leaving the 

Xiao Li Art: Sweet Berry Cafe. Xiao Li's art is featured at SIMED.

countryside, I kept myself busy studying in college, coming to America, and becoming a Molecular Biologist. I had not picked up a paint brush for over 30 years until recently when I retired.

            Like it’s been said, when a door is closed on you, look around and you may find an open window. I found my window.  I still remember how excited I was when I opened my first box of art supplies and held those paint brushes, canvases, and paint tubes in my hands.

            Painting has become like meditation to me.  When I paint, the world disappears. Only me, my subject, and my painting exist. The peacefulness is like a scent from burning incense, floating around me. I am happiest when I paint. I am also very happy to have found the Gainesville Fine Art Association (GFAA).  Now I am not alone anymore.  I am around my fellow artists. I can show my paintings and get feedback. But I still have so much to learn, and I am happy to work on my canvases. 

            You can view my paintings on my website:  You can also contact me by email: or call me at 352-562-1976. I will be happy to hear from you.  Your comments and suggestions are always very welcome.

To view Xiao Li's art and the art of others in the GFAA, visit SIMED's Gainesville location today where you can see Li's art featured prominently in the front atrium during the month of January 2018.