What's the Deal with Detoxing?

Each summer, we all start to hear about the latest tends on how to get that great summer body. Quick and easy ways to lose weight are plastered all over magazines and television. One of the most popular annual trends is detoxing.

Detox drinks/teas such as a mix of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, lemon or other ingredients are said to help us get rid of unwanted fat; regulate blood sugar, speed up our metabolism and more. Fitness experts and celebrities alike swear by these detox cleanses. So, what’s the deal? Does detoxing work?

According to Dr. Thomas Beers of SIMEDHealth Digestive Disease Associates, the evidence just isn’t there. The definition of a toxin is: a poisonous substance, esp. one that is produced by bacteria and causes disease. However, this definition (observed by medical professionals) is unrelated to the definition used by weight loss companies to sell products.

As Dr. Beers said, “There is no proven benefit to any ‘detox’ agent and no proven weight loss benefit.”

More often than not, digestive issues such as reflux, diarrhea and constipation are too complex to be treated with a cleanse or detox agent. The same can be said for weight loss. Each person’s metabolism and body is different. In order to lose weight, you and your doctor should come up with a plan that works for you, rather than relying on trends.

What Dr. Beers does recommend?

“Eat a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables in moderate portions. Don’t eat before bedtime. Don’t drink excessively and don’t smoke tobacco at all,” he said. “Since there are no proven health benefits, I would not recommend it.  Be especially careful regarding spending your money.  They can harm your pocketbook.  A walk outside in the park (early or late in the day this time of year) would be of greater digestive health benefit,”

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Welcome to SIMEDHealth

As of yesterday, April 1, 2018, Southeastern Integrated Medical, PL (SIMED) and Digestive Disease Associates of North Florida have combined practices to form a new health care system known as SIMEDHealth, LLC.

 “The creation of SIMEDHealth will provide a stronger foundation by which our combined efforts will allow us to do more for our patients, employees, and communities. By combining our efforts and resources we will be able to go farther than either of us could individually towards enhancing the health in our region, and doing so as stewards of the rising healthcare costs,” said Daniel M. Duncanson, M.D, the Chief Executive Officer of SIMEDHealth.

For patients, this transition will be seamless. You will continue to see your doctors in the same locations and your healthcare records and appointments will automatically be integrated into the new SIMEDHealth healthcare system.

Formed in 1987 and headquartered in Gainesville, SIMED has been leading the North Central Florida healthcare region through the transformation towards measurable higher quality and accountable care. Our independent multi-specialty healthcare system also has locations in Ocala, Chiefland, Lady Lake, McIntosh and Lake City.

DDA is the only independent, full-service Gastroenterology medical practice in Gainesville with clinics in the Medical Arts building on the HCA/North Florida Regional Medical Center Campus. DDA was founded in 1979.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with SIMED and be able to provide more resources for our staff and physicians. It is important for physician practices to work together to continually develop themselves so they can provide patients and the community with needed services,” said Scott Johnson, Practice Administrator of DDA.

As this transition takes place, you will start to see our new logo on forms, business cards, our website and more.

 After months of planning and hard work, all of us at SIMED are filled with joy, anticipation, and excitement to begin this new journey as SIMEDHealth and even more excited to take you along with us.


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SIMED Introduces New Partner: DDA

Digestive Disease Associate of North Florida GI doctor reviews imaging

Digestive Disease Associates has been caring for North Florida patients for more than 38 years. With twelve physicians, a pathologist, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, DDA is well equipped to help with all your gastrointestinal health needs.

The physicians are board certified in gastroenterology and treat all GI cases. Many of the physicians have special interest areas such as therapeutic endoscopy, pancreatobiliary disease, Crohn’s disease, fecal incontinence, hepatitis and liver disease.  Browse through their website for more information.

To ensure you get the personalized care you deserve, each physician has a team of staff that will familiarize themselves with your case and offer you the best service possible.

DDA recently introduced FibroScan equipment to the office to offer cutting edge evaluations of the liver.

Outpatient Colonoscopy, Upper Endoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy procedures are completed at the North Florida GI Center conveniently located directly across the hall from the DDA clinic.  Digestive Disease Associate’s Pathology Lab provides slide development with interpretation by the on-site Pathologist for individualized, speedy results. Inpatient GI consultations and procedures are provided at the North Florida Regional Medical Center.

DDA is located in the North Florida Regional Medical plaza on the third floor of the Medical Arts Building at 6400 Newberry Road, Suite 302. DDA is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. DDA accepts all major insurance plans. Your patient information for DDA and SIMED will be easily accessible to both facilities for more streamlined service.

To schedule an appointment with DDA, call 352-331-8902 or visit their website to learn more.

Digestive Disease Associates of North Florida (DDA) is located on Newberry Road and offers patients GI Assistance.