Award Winning Artist, Roz Miller, Now Featured at SIMEDHealth


Roz Miller’s artwork has been described as a visual symphony. Look twice and you’ll see new details pop out that you wouldn’t catch at first glance. 

New GFAA Gallery and featured Artist: Peter Senesac

Peter Senesac’s painting style lives somewhere between impressionism and abstract. Towing the line between what appears in the natural world and what appears in a dream.

Just below his paintings lining the lobby walls reads his artist statement:

“Painting, for me, is a chance to explore alternate views of reality. My intention is not to paint a particular place but to create a mood, to encourage the viewer to daydream, to remember, to invent a story.”

Versatile Painter, Helen Rucarean, Featured in SIMEDHealth's Lobby

Helen Rucarean's "Selfie"

Helen Rucarean seems sure of herself. Her stern gaze is fixed to the horizon while an “H” necklace dangles from her neck. Of course, this isn’t actually her but a playfully painted self-portrait she affectionately named ‘Selfie’ hanging in the lobby of SIMEDHealth’s 4343 location in Gainesville, FL.

Joyce Hinkle Brings the Great Outdoors to SIMEDHealth’s Lobby

Originally from Missouri, Joyce Hinkle moved down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in 1973. This meant she was able to spend a lot of time at the beach taking in the sandy, palm-filled landscapes.

Hinkle likes to draw her inspiration from nature and from pictures she takes during her travels. So far she’s been to the Bahamas, St Croix, Mexico, Canada, France, Corsica, Italy, and most of the United States. Each time she returns to pour her inspiration into her artwork.

GFAA Arranges New Gallery and Features New Artist, Linda Leherman

When you stop into the SIMEDHealth 4343 building, light shines through the stained glass artwork hanging in the windows. You’ll notice frames of all shapes; sizes and colors line the staircase.

A painting of a dancer watching a performance from the wings of a theater is featured on the largest frame. A watercolor painting of a set of mason jars hangs beside it, followed by a painting of Sandhill cranes flying over a marsh at sunset.

SIMED Featured GFAA Artist of March: Barabra Lacy

Barbara Lacy, a Gainesville Fine Arts Association artist, stands in front of her acrylic artwork.

 Barbara Lacy, a GFAA artist, creates acrylic floral paintings. Learn more about her art at the Gainesville SIMED location.

SIMED Featured GFAA Artist of February: Barbara Wakefield

Barbara Wakefield, a Gainesville Fine Arts Association artist, sits behind her stained glass art.

Barbara Wakefield, a GFAA artist, has worked stained glass and ceramics. Learn more about her art at the Gainesville SIMED location.

View SIMED GFAA Art January 2018

The Gainesville Fine Arts Association (GFAA) showcases their art at the SIMED medical hub in Gainesville.

View the SIMED GFAA art for the first quarter of 2018 here. Art includes contact information and price if you wish to reach out to the artist.

SIMED Featured GFAA Artist of January: Xiao Li

SIMED GFAA Featured Artist of the Month January 2018 Xiao li

Each month, SIMED recognizes one of the GFAA artists featured in the SIMED central hub as the Artist of the Month. This month's artist is Xiao Li.

Gainesville Fine Arts Association At SIMED

Gainesville Fine Arts Association artwork featured at SIMED in Gainesville

The Gainesville Fine Arts Association provides the artwork that decorates the SIMED Gainesville building walls. Learn about the GFAA.