Breast Cancer Prevention Guide

photo of a mammography machine saying you should get a mammography when you turn 40

Get the best information on breast cancer screenings, mammographies and breast cancer to equip yourself with the knowledge to protect yourself.

Reasons Women in their 30s Visit the Gynecologist

Woman standing with a background behind her and information about polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOD

As part of our women’s health series, we are highlighting common reasons women in their 30s visit the gynecologist. These include STDs, vaginitis, contraception and more.

Robotic Surgery for Women's Health

Gynecological surgeon Prethi Vaddadi,MD has recently joined the SIMED Women’s Health team and she specializes in robotic surgery.

Facing surgery can be a frightening experience fraught with questions, doubts and uncertainties. However, most surgeries are elective, meaning that you decide if surgery is the best option for you and elect to have the procedure. This decision process often gives you needed time to prepare, which is an important step. Research suggests that women who prepare mentally and physically for surgery have fewer complications, less pain and recover more quickly than those who don't prepare.

- "Preparation for Surgery | HealthyWomen." Ed. Ranit Mishori, 28 Apr. 2011.