Simed Opens Clinic of The Future

SIMED, Primary Care, Clinic

SIMED has completed the renovation of its primary care clinic, which features a new electronic check-in system and optimizes the patient experience.

SIMED Unveils New Electronic System

Poster for SIMED's New Digital Check-In

SIMED initiates a new faster, more secure electronic check-in system in select clinics for an improved patient experience.

SIMED Staff Recognize Patients Impact on Lives

SIMED staff recognizes our incredible patients during Patient Recognition Week

While staff at SIMED always appreciates our wonderful, pleasant, and thoughtful patients, we wanted to give them the opportunity to express their thanks.

SIMED, Digestive Disease Associates Form New Healthcare System

SIMED Proud to Introduce SIMED Health with Digestive Disease Associates

Southeastern Integrated Medical has exciting news for you about our future. SIMED and Digestive Disease Associates of North Florida Inc. (“DDA”) will combine practices to create a new multi-specialty health system.

Common Endometriosis Symptoms

Sleep & Heart Health with Dr. Larissa Lim

SIMED Welcomes Dr. Cuesta & Foot & Ankle Center

SIMED is excited to announce the opening of the new Foot & Ankle Center and welcome Dr. Cuesta!

Hurt on the Job? Do you know what to do?

Dr. Martin, a physician at SIMED Urgent Care, states that over 50% of his patients are visiting due to work related injuries. The most common injuries are related to the back, knees and ankles.

There are simple things you can do to reduce the chance of accidental injury: look where you are going, be alert of your surroundings, lift with your legs and not your back, do not lift more than you can carry, and be properly trained with equipment you are using.

Fascinating Facts about Brains Info Graphic with Dr.Reid

Thyroid Awareness month

January we acknowledge Thyroid Awareness month. Make an appointment with Primary Care to get your neck checked: