Pet Allergies Guide: Symptoms, Treatment

Puppy and kitten who people can be allergic to because of pet allergies

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate your furry friends. But what happens when our furry best friends make our eyes water, our skin itch, and our chest tighten?

Food Allergies: Why You Should Get Tested

A young girl stares at a bowl that includes a statistic about food allergies.

Should You Get Tested For Food Allergies? Learn about common symptoms, why testing is important and the most common food allergens.

Get some relief this Ragweed Season

Get some relief this Ragweed Season

Fall is just around the corner. As the season changes we trade I the sweltering hot days of summer for the cooler, crisp days of autumn. The humidity drops, the days get shorter and the nights longer. Being outdoors becomes much more comfortable. The fall season brings changes to the weather, but other things in the environment change as well.

Allergy & Asthma Awareness Month

SIMED Celebrates Allergy & Asthma Awareness Month

Asthma has many causes, one of which is allergies. SIMED Allergy and Asthma Board Certified Allergist-Immunologist, Mercedes Pernice, MD, talks about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of these two very prevalent issues in North Central Florida.


Every individual has unique allergic triggers.

Suffering from Seasonal Allergies? SIMED Allergy & Asthma can Help!

Suffering from Seasonal Allergies? SIMED Allergy & Asthma can Help!

At SIMED we’re often asked "Why should I see an Allergy – Immunologist? Can't any doctor treat my allergies?"  The reason you should choose a Board Certified Allergy – Immunologist is because they are specialists who are uniquely trained to diagnose and treat allergy and immunology disorders. While other doctors claim they can treat allergies they are not Board Certified allergists and have not had the additional years of training and expertise that comes with Board Certification.