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Cooking Hacks for Healthy Heart

cooking with healthy ingredients in bowls with knife

We know our patients love cooking and eating, so we spoke with our resident chef in Gainesville, SIMED ARNP Michelle Green, about how to make great tasting healthy foods. Learn her easy hacks for healthy cooking including grocery shopping and food substitute tips.

It's Flu Shot Time Again (Already?)

Don't get sick. Get the flu shot. A woman blows her nose.

It may seem like we just finished up the last Flu season however it’s time to start considering getting this season’s Flu shot. 

Healthy Eating Tips for the Heart

Two Heart Shaped Bowls of Healthy Fruit

Join us as we look into the best foods for a strong heart and healthy cholesterol level for National Cholesterol Month and Healthy Heart Day.

Healthy Aging Tips for National Healthy Aging Month

Healthy aging older man smiling with hands wide on the beach

We talked to Dr. Mary Hurd, a practicing SIMED Primary Care physician, who provided tips on healthy aging for National Healthy Aging Month (September).

What is Your Heart Score?

Do you find yourself asking “How healthy is my heart?”Finding your Heart Score is a step in the right direction to managing your health and wellbeing.

Thyroid Awareness month

January we acknowledge Thyroid Awareness month. Make an appointment with Primary Care to get your neck checked:

SIMED Joins National Effort to Improve Diabetes Management with Together 2 Goal

SIMED announced today that it has joined the American Medical Group Association’s Diabetes: Together 2 Goal campaign.

SIMED announced today that it has joined the American Medical Group Association’s Diabetes: Together 2 Goal campaign. This national campaign aims to improve care for 1 million people with Type 2 diabetes in the United States by 2019.

How do Kidneys work? Symptoms, Signs and Facts about Kidney Failure.

SIMED Primary Care's Rakesh Sharma gives us seven important facts about the Kidney's and how they are important to our overall health.

March is National Kidney Month and the National Kidney Foundation is urging all Americans to give their kidneys a second thought and a well-deserved checkup. 

7 Fascinating Facts about Brains

In honor of Brain Awareness Week, we sat down with SIMED Neurosurgery’s Dr. Steven Reid to discuss seven fascinating facts about brains.

To our knowledge, the brain is the most complex organized matter in the universe. We know of nothing as complex in anyone's experience. How does three pounds of very complicated stuff allow us to experience a world?

If you think about it carefully, the entire scope of the universe, all of that volume that you're conceiving of now, is actually occurring inside your skull. So everything in your world, your entire universe, resides in the confines of your skull, including your concept of your own brain.

National Sleep Awareness Week Reminds Us How Sleep is Important to Our Overall Health