Regenerative Medicine Now Offered at SIMED

Flyer for SIMED PRP Prolotherapy

There are ways to use the inflammatory process of an injury in a restorative fashion to minimize the long-term consequences of injuries.

SIMED becomes the first physician-owned practice to join the Institutional Partners Council of the AAPM&R

Institutional Partners Councils of the AAPM&R | SIMED

SIMED has joined the Institutional Partners Council of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R).  According to the AAPM&R, “This has been developed as a way to formalize engagement between institutions and AAPM&R so that together we can help transform the focus of health care.”  In other words, AAPM&R has recognized the importance of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation providers in the community and at prominent facilities in helping to shape the future direction for this specialty.