Construction Begins on New Clinic with Improved Patient Care

Construction began at Gainesville SIMED building 4343 on the new and updated primary care unit
As SIMED continues to grow to meet the needs of our community, we are excited to announce the construction of our new “clinic of the future”. 
Suite 7 in our 4343 Building in Gainesville is being redesigned and will become a Primary Care suite and the future Gainesville location for Drs. Lefkowitz, Svestka, and Roque.  These physicians and their staff have agreed to participate in a new pilot program which will introduce new technologies and clinic efficiencies into our workflow.
“We are always implementing ways which we can provide higher quality care to our patients, and we believe these new technologies and clinic design will improve patient access, flow, and convenience.  We’re hopeful that we will be able to expand the successes of this new clinic throughout all of our patient care areas,” said Daniel Duncanson, MD, Chief Executive Officer for SIMED.
Construction begins on December 4th and is expected to be completed in only 135 days. Our staff will be making every effort to minimize any inconvenience to our patients. 
SIMED Primary Care Physicians Dr. Svestka, Dr. Lefkowitz, and Dr. Roque break ground on the new improved primary care unit in Gainesville

MRI Upgraded to Newer, Faster, Higher Quality Model

New TIM MRI Annnounced for SIMED. Photo of the TIM MRI with shorter tunnel and windows surrounding it.
SIMED Imaging and Radiology unveiled a new MRI for the Gainesville location (4343 Newberry Road Ste. 5) earlier this month.  The MRI has a new table, new coils and new software.
The Tim (Total imaging matrix) upgrade means faster scan times and greater picture quality. The shorter tunnel will also make the room feel more spacious.

MRI Speed:

With the new MRI, you can get in and out of the office faster and get your results quicker. SIMED also now has more appointment availability as scan times are reduced almost in half. 

MRI Clarity:

Because the images are now clearer, surgeons will be able to see the area scanned in more detail and have more precision. Diagnosing will also be easier because of the higher image quality.

MRI Spaciousness:

The tunnel of the MRI is also shorter than before which means exams should feel less claustrophobic. Whereas before, you had to have your entire body in the tunnel to do a leg or arm exam, now you can just place your arm or leg in the MRI tunnel.
The new MRI means a new, improved experience. Schedule your MRI with SIMED. Call 352-224-2475 or talk to your doctor today!

Photo featuring new TIM MRI in Gainesville SIMED Imaging and Radiology.

SIMED Reopen Tuesday for Hurricane Irma

SIMED closed Monday for Hurricane Irma sign

SIMED will reopen Tuesday during scheduled hours after Hurricane Irma.

The safety and security of our staff and patients is one of our highest priorities. All our clinic locations will be closed Monday so our staff and patients can stay safe with their families.

If you have an appointment for Monday, SIMED employees will be calling you to reschedule and ensuring you have enough medication to get through to your scheduled appointment. We appreciate your understanding as we move forward with preparation for Hurricane Irma. We hope all our patients stay safe throughout the duration of the storm.

SIMED is scheduled to resume normal hours Tuesday, Sept. 12.